McDonald's Pulls Happy Meal Fitness Trackers After RashesAugust 18, 2016 — McDonald’s is pulling the “Step It” fitness-tracking watches from Happy Meals after customers complained about skin rashes and burns.

An Arkansas mother said her 4 year-old son was burned after wearing the watch for only 8 minutes. Her Facebook post was shared more than 123,000 times and contributed to McDonald’s decision.

The woman told KCTV5 that she has received eight or nine messages from other parents who say their children were burned by the watch.

McDonald’s is one of the main corporate sponsors of the Olympics and the plastic activity-trackers were supposed to be available for 4 weeks to coincide with the games.

In recent years, there have been a slew of recalls involving activity-tracking wristbands that cause skin irritation, rashes, blisters, and burns. The most notable recall involved over 1 million Fitbit wristbands after 10,000 people were injured.

Earlier this month, the Basis Peak fitness-tracker was recalled because it could overheat and cause burns. Only 0.2% of users reported skin reactions, but all of the watches were pulled off the market.

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