Lawyer for Fidget Spinner Fires Explosions and Choking InjuriesAugust 16, 2017 — Safety officials are warning consumers about the risks of fidget spinners after several reports of kids choking on small parts and fires associated with lithium-ion batteries.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued updated guidance on August 10, warning:

“Fidget spinners can be fun to use, but consumers and companies should be aware of some of the safety concerns associated with this product.”

Fidget spinners can break and release small pieces that pose choking hazards for children. There are reports of children up to 14 years old choking on fidget spinners. The CPSC recommends against giving fidget spinners to children under 3 years old — but also says children of all ages should avoid putting fidget spinners in their mouths.

The CPSC also reported several fires involving battery-operated fidget spinners. The agency says consumers should be present in the room when a fidget spinner is charging. Furthermore, only use the cable that has the correct connections for re-charging the fidget spinner. Once it is fully charged, consumers should unplug it immediately.

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