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June 7, 2012 — The family of Randy Santmann, a 22 year-old who committed suicide after Propecia (finasteride) caused him to become impotent, has joined a protest outside the New Jersey headquarters of Merck & Co. The man’s father, Dr. John Santmann, is an emergency room physician. He has joined the protest to raise awareness about the serious side effects of Propecia.


Randy Santmann committed suicide in 2008. His father, Dr. Santmann, claims that his son used Propecia for three years to battle hair loss. He subsequently developed severe sexual side effects, including persistent erectile dysfunction that allegedly did not resolve for six months after discontinuing Propecia.

Sexual dysfunction is a known side effect of Propecia, but until recently, Merck claimed that the sexual side effects would go away after discontinuing Propecia. Instead, thousands of men have complained of persistent side effects that lasted for months, years, or indefinitely — including erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia (growth of male breast tissue), orgasm disorders, ejaculation disorders, loss of libido, hormone imbalance, and more.

After receiving hundreds of adverse event reports from injured men, the FDA decided to issue a public safety warning about the risks of persistent sexual dysfunction.

Many injured men are angry at Merck for failing to update the labels on Propecia sold in the U.S. in a timely manner. Although Merck updated the European labels to warn of persistent sexual dysfunction, they waited several years to make the same changes on American labels.

Many of these men are now seeking justice and compensation with a Propecia lawsuit. They allege that Merck intentionally withheld safety information, thus failing to warn doctors and patients about Propecia side effects. They argue that if they had adequate risk information, they never would have used Propecia, and the injury never would have occurred.

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