Arizona Woman Dies from Cucumber Salmonella OutbreakSeptember 21, 2015 — A woman from Arizona has died after eating Salmonella-contaminated cucumbers imported from Mexico.

The Pima County Health Department said she had serious underlying health conditions and died while being treated for her illness at a hospital. The woman was over 50 years old, got sick in late August, and died in early September.

She was living in a nursing home and ate cucumbers served at the facility. The cucumbers she ate were imported from Mexico by Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce and recalled on September 4 — around the same time she died.

Two other deaths have been linked to the outbreak, one in California and another in Texas. The family of a 99 year-old San Diego woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Health officials now say 85 people have been sickened in Arizona — 13 more than the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported three days ago. Six patients in Pima County have been hospitalized.

The outbreak has been traced to cucumbers grown in northern Baja Mexico by Rancho Don Juanito and distributed in the United States by Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce, a San Diego-based company. Nationwide, over 418 people have been infected in 31 states, including 91 people who were hospitalized.

Health officials have not confirmed where the cucumbers were sold. However, they were distributed to Walmart, Savemart, Food-4-Less, Winco, Ralph’s, and other grocery stores. Restaurants like Red Lobster also used the cucumbers in salads.

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